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Gene Expression Programming

Logistic Regression Analytics Platform

The Release 2 of GeneXproTools 4.0 introduces a powerful Logistic Regression Framework. This new framework builds on the models GeneXproTools generates with its evolutionary algorithms and then applies the canonical logistic regression technique to estimate probabilities for each model score. The Logistic Regression Framework includes tools for Quantile Analysis and Regression, ROC Curve and Cutoff Points analyses, Gains and Lift charts, Logistic Regression and Logistic Fit, and both tabular and stacked Confusion Matrixes.

Unlimited records

This version of GeneXproTools can process an unlimited number of records. In practice this means that you can create models using several dozens of thousands records thus increasing the level of trust of the models by exposing them to a large set of cases. This is valid for all editions of GeneXproTools and applies to training data, testing data and scoring data. GeneXproTools can easily handle a few million cells of data with much improved data load times and a new more compact file format.

Unlimited variables

All GeneXproTools 4.0 editions have an expanded number of variables (when compared with APS 3.0) and the new Enterprise Edition supports an unlimited number of variables. This is especially useful for the classification of DNA Microarrays, for example. GeneXproTools produces excellent models in a few seconds or minutes using sets well in excess of 25,000 variables on any modern desktop computer. This new capability provides very interesting possibilities in the realms of data filtering and feature selection.

More variables

The Standard Edition of GeneXproTools 4.0 was expanded from 5 independent variables to 16, whereas the Advanced Edition was expanded from 20 to 64 independent variables. Furthermore, a new Academic Enterprise supporting unlimited variables is also available.

New Logic Synthesis algorithm

Brand new implementation of gene expression programming for Logic Synthesis problems suitable for the optimization and size reduction of complex logic circuits. The code generation includes two specialty languages (VHDL and Verilog) using six different logical systems: All Gates, Not-And-Or gates, Nand gates, Nor gates, Mux System, and Reed-Muller system.

Faster Custom Fitness

A complete rewrite of the Custom Fitness now opens new possibilities for the implementation of more complex functions. The new implementation removes most of the overhead caused by the data transfer into the scripting environment and introduces new features that allow your fitness functions to influence the size and contents of the models.

Several new fitness functions

There are now in GeneXproTools 4.0 36 built-in fitness functions for Function Finding and Time Series Prediction and 30 for Classification and Logic Synthesis. This enlarged spectrum of fitness functions allows you to judge your models using the measures you are most comfortable working with. Most standard statistical measures are covered and for each of them there is a counterpart with parsimony pressure. The new functions also allow the exploration of different fitness landscapes increasing the chance of finding an excellent model for your problem.

More than 200 new functions

A much larger pool of operations are now accessible to your models including dozens of new functions and an expanded section of decision rules with 2-4 arguments. The new Logic Synthesis algorithm includes all the one and two argument logical functions and dozens of rules with three and four arguments including dozens of interesting Universal Logical Modules. The User Defined Functions and Dynamically Defined Functions also benefited from the new script environment with noticeable increases in performance. The new Functions panel includes random function selection, function search and blanket weight changes.

Function selection facility

The Function Selection facility of GeneXproTools 4.0 allows you to experiment with different function sets very quickly either by pressing the Random button or by selecting certain sub-sets of functions.

Automatic function weighting

New algorithm that dynamically adjusts the number of functions to the data environment compensating for very wide datasets. Coupled with finer adjustments at the function level through individual function weighting this feature simplifies the selection of appropriate function sets and provides better defaults for generic model creation.

Model Simplification

New optimization mode that reduces the size of a model while improving its accuracy at the same time. The Simplify Method reduces the redundancy in the model to an absolute minimum creating very lean models that are easier to study and less computer intensive in production environments. When used with Logic Synthesis it reduces the number of gates needed for the logic circuit, reducing costs and memory footprint.

Excel files support

Easier data access with direct connections to Excel files and an enhanced column manipulation that is also used for database access.

New Scoring panel

The new Scoring panel replaces the scoring screen in APS 3.0 and adds easier text data access and improved database and Excel files feature selection. Also new in this panel is the preview window that simplifies small scoring operations and provides feedback on data correctness from inside GeneXproTools.

Eight new languages

The models created by GeneXproTools can be translated into as many as 16 programming languages (Ada, C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java, Java Script, Matlab, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Verilog, and VHDL) including specialty languages like VHDL and Verilog and languages relevant to the bio-informatics field like Perl and Python and the simulation fields like Ada. The model’s code is also improved reducing the amount of code you must add to use the model in production environments.

Spectacular new Run panel

The new charts provide invaluable information about the model and an insight into the algorithm inner workings. The charts show what variables are being used and which have a heavier weight, the model’s size and its tendency over time and the exciting new curve-fitting chart shows how the models are fitting the data. Also new are charts with the size of each sub-program and the total program size and charts with the sizes and fitness of all the models.

Completely redesigned user interface

A new and fresh look with improved access to all the areas of GeneXproTools and more navigation and organization options including a fully customizable toolbar. The wizards benefited from simplification and a reduction in the number of steps to create a new run and many new useful features were introduced at the panel level to help with the day-to-day operations.

Improved visualization tools

This version includes brand new target/model comparison plots for Classification problems and new chart types in the Results/Predictions panel for all categories. The Data panel is especially reformatted to improve visualization and the new and more scalable grid includes column selection tools for feature extraction especially useful for DNA microarrays studies.


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"Finally, a world class user interface in the field of genetic programming and evolutionary computation !! GeneXproTools is simply unrivaled in its marvelous user interface, the breadth of its Fitness Functions, the choice and flexibility in Math and Logic functions, the clarity of its final Model Presentation, and a built in panel for Scoring new data, right inside the interface. This kind of functionality and ease of use has never been seen before in the field of Genetic Programming. Additionally, Dr Ferreira's specific methodology of Gene Expression Programming makes important contributions to the field of evolutionary computation, and the various algorithms she has developed and deployed inside of GeneXproTools are brilliantly conceived, and her methodologies evolve highly predictive models that solve real business problems. GeneXproTools is an extraordinary structural tour de force."

Brian C. Watt, CRM
Chief Risk Officer / Chief Financial Officer


"I have been using GeneXproTools against a variety of drug research related problems and have found the GUI to be readily-usable and well-attuned to the stages of predictive modeling..."

Steven J Barrett, Ph.D
Principal Scientist
New Applications Team
Data Exploration Sciences GlaxoSmithKline


"Gene Expression Programming, combined with GeneXproTools, allow us here at Mercator GeoSystems to explore new and exciting methods for spatially modelling the relationship between a company's outlets and their customers. The GeneXproTools software is simple to use, well-designed and very flexible. In particular the ability to load training data from a database, and the option to create models in the programming language of our choice, really make this product stand out. Product support is excellent and very responsive - heartily recommended!"

Steve Hall
Mercator GeoSystems Ltd
United Kingdom

"As a professional software developer, I could have attempted to read up on all the latest developments in the field of evolutionary programming and start writing my own modeling tools. One look at the GeneXproTools demo, however, was enough to convince me of the absurdity of that thought. Not only does GeneXproTools have all the power that I would ever need, but it also allows me to customize all parts of the modeling process. I don't have to know the first thing about evolutionary algorithms and yet I can write my own grammars or fitness functions if I wanted to. It is obvious that a huge amount of work went into the making of GeneXproTools, and I am now a very happy customer. Keep up the great work, Gepsoft!"

Glenn Lewis
Software developer, USA

"I've been working as a coastal engineer and mathematical modeler for more than 10 years and now I'm using GeneXproTools to discover complex nonlinear relations that exist in hydraulic and wave processes. For example, GeneXproTools recently helped me establish several explicit approximations to the Wave Dispersion Equation and now with the new version, which allows more independent variables, fitness functions and unlimited records, I plan to develop my own formulae to evaluate the wave overtopping of breakwaters and seawalls. Thanks Gepsoft for providing such an exciting, creative and useful software tool to the scientific community."

Ricardo Carvalho
PROMAN - Centro de Estudos & Projectos, SA
Lisbon, Portugal

"GeneXproTools is being used to look at problems involving parasite populations, where the data is highly skewed. The results using GeneXproTools are considerably better than those obtained using conventional statistics."

Prof John Barrett
Head of the Parasitology Group
University of Wales, UK

"We are using GeneXproTools for modeling the rainfall-runoff process and time series forecasting. GeneXproTools has a nice graphical user interface system and a lot of flexibility in choosing the type of input file. Configuring the problem setup, running and visualizing the graphical outputs with GeneXproTools is indeed user friendly. Being able to get the final model in the languages of our choice makes GeneXproTools stand out from other packages."

Professor S. Mohan
Professor & Head of the Department
Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras


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