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Last update: February 19, 2014


Delete Records

GeneXproTools allows you to delete records both from the training and validation/test datasets. Record deletion is important because any dataset can have all sorts of outliers, resulting not only from error introduced during data collection but also due to intrinsic noise in the data such as noise from measuring instruments.

GeneXproTools can help you detect these outliers using different analyses and visualization tools. For example, you can easily detect outliers in all variables with the help of adjustable standard deviation lines (1, 2 and 3 sigmas) in the Sequential Distribution Chart. Moreover, GeneXproTools also allows you to copy the indexes of all the outliers for the current variable by choosing Copy Outlier IDs (3 Sigma) in the context menu. These outlier indexes can then be pasted directly into the Delete Records Window for the easy removal of all outliers.

Scatter plots are also useful for detecting outliers and GeneXproTools shows scatter plots for all pairs of variables, including model outputs and derived variables.

The Highlight Records functionality of GeneXproTools is particularly useful in classification and logistic regression problems, where you can use it to detect both labeling errors and outliers by combining the Highlight Records functionality with different charts, for example, the normalized Bivariate Line Chart with different sorting options.

Moreover, different record analyses and statistics are also available in the Data Panel that can help identify outliers or errors. For example, error analysis is an extremely powerful tool for understanding your data and your models a little better. It’s also useful to detect errors in the data, for example by comparing misclassified records with different prototypes, such as the class centroids in classification and logistic regression problems.

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